Watch the Colt webinar on SD WAN: What’s the reality and how can it work for me?

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SD WAN is one of the fastest growing industry transformations in years - but what does it really mean, and how can it work for your business?

To learn more about our view of the technology landscape, and what options are available to you, watch Matthew Partridge Technical Sales Consultant, and Sultan Shaikh, Product Manager, share their views and knowledge in Colt's first webinar on SD WAN.

Featured Speakers


Matthew Partridge
Technical Sales Consultant
Matthew Partridge is a Technical Sales Consultant based in London, UK. His role defines and drives technical network and communication strategies for digital transformation requirements across all technology aspects.

sultan Sultan Shaikh
Product Manager
Sultan Shaikh is a Product Manager based in London, UK. He is responsible for Colt’s global IP based SDN product portfolio including SD WAN, cloud connectivity and enterprise mobility.

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