Moments that Matter

What are the defining moments in a CIO's career?

Experience of IT professionals: The roles, the risks and response-abilities

Moments that Matter

Colt commissioned research in August 2015 speaking with over 300 IT decision makers in UK, France and Germany. This first of three whitepapers explores the defining moments in a CIOs career. How senior IT professionals see their roles, their contributions to customer experience and their alignment with the wider business.

By downloading this whitepaper, you will find out: 

  • What are the defining moments in a CIO's career
  • How the role of CIO is evolving
  • How CIOs perceive their changing role within the enterprise
  • Why the wider business is redefining the role of IT
  • How communication style and collaboration are critical to your success

"It became clear from the research that IT professionals today define their career success more from key moments than the day to day activity. Over three-quarters (77%) believe their career success is defined by moments that generate recognition and deliver success for the wider organisation."  

Whitepaper: 'Moments that Matter - What are CIO's Career Affecting Moments?'


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