Moments that Matter

CIO: Instinct or hard data - which wins?

Experience of IT professionals: The roles, the risks and response-abilities

Moments that Matter 

Colt commissioned research in August 2015 speaking with over 300 IT decision makers in UK, France and Germany. The final whitepaper in our series explores the dynamics of IT management and governance through the experiences of IT professionals. 

 By downloading this whitepaper, you will find out: 

  • Whether decision making is largely data or experience driven
  • What are critical moments that shape the decision making process
  • Who do your peers rely on during decision making processes
  • Dangers in ignoring insight from the business and trusted 3rd parties 

71% believe that on balance intuition and personal experience is more effective than data analysis in driving a successful strategy.

Whitepaper: 'Moments that Matter - CIO: Instinct or hard data - which wins?'


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